Principal questions driving the creation of SOAR+ and SOAR AAP were, “Having identified non-conformities (findings) from any number of audit formularies, what is the best a means to monitor the implementation of complete and permanent corrective actions while ensuring that the ROSI process exemplifies essential SMS attributes such as “Root Cause Analyses,” and “Safety Risk Assessment?” How best to verify and validate effective implementation, to manage impacts of changes and respond to unintended-consequences.  How do we oversee the refinement of new methods by means of lessons learned throughout the implementation, validation and review processes.  How do we make it visible, viable, sustainable, and sufficiently user-friendly such that review, renewal and finesse of new processes becomes a natural component

We can provide professionals with years of experience in implementing the following programs.

Professional Services Plans

IASA Pre-Audit

IASA Pre-Audit Program Layout

  1. Initial Document Inspection
  2. On-Site Review of Assessment
  3. Proactive Resolution to Non-Compliance
  4. Document Preparation for FAA Audit
  5. Follow Up Action Plan

IOSA Pre-Audit

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FOQA Program Design

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SOAR AAP Program

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We can provide a full solution for including initial design, implementation plan, solution toolbox installation/configuration and execution management.

SOAR+ Solution Packages

  • Professional Services for IASA Compliance
  • IASA Compliance Toolbox

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